Whit Hill

Nashville, Tennessee
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Whit Hill

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Whit Hill grew up in New York City.

A child actor, she went on to a long career as a Michigan-based choreographer and teacher. She now lives in Nashville, TN, where she is an award-winning songwriter and song coach.

And a writer.

Throughout her career in the performing arts, Whit has supported herself and her family as a journalist, copywriter and general hack scribe. As an arts writer for several Michigan newspapers and magazines, she wrote hundreds of theater and music reviews. As a development writer for the University of Michigan Medical School, she wrote hundreds of donor and faculty bios as well as research and historical features. She has recently discovered the joys of special advertising supplements and is churning them out as fast as she can for Advent Media Group.

In her free time, Whit enjoys going to animal shelters, photographing random dogs, posting short essays about them on Facebook, and trying to get them adopted.

Whit is the author of Not About Madonna: My Little Pre-Icon Roommate and Other Memoirs (Heliotrope Press, NYC, 2010.)

She is available for freelance assignments but would also consider the right full-time position in the Nashville area or remotely.